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Bird Supplies for Sale in Colombo 5 First
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Publish Date : 17-Aug-2011
Expiry Date : 15-Nov-2011
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Pond Filter System

Features of Advanced External Biological Filter System (UV Optional)

Mechanical Filter

Function: Removes Solid particulars from the water.
Media used: sponge and filter pad

Biological Filter

Function: Cultivate detoxification bacteria like nitrosomonas & nitrobacteria to convert toxic ammonia to nitrite (Nox) then nitrate (Nox)
Media used: Bio ring

Chemical Filter

Function : removes dissolves toxic Waste through a process of absorption
Media used : activated carbon Filter

Bio Balls Filter

Function : This encourages the bacteria to
multiply & perform their tasks more efficiently.
Media used : Bio Balls

IN System (Especially for Outside Ponds)

UN is a key Process tool that can ensure purified water loops operate at the highest levels of micro biological integrity


Installation is easy, requiring little disruption to the plant, maintenance is simple, Can be carried out by on -site personnel as a non -chemical method of treatment, there is no possibility of a detrimental effect on product stability, Products are also free from unwanted residues, colors and odors. It is also being successfully utilized for TOC (total organic carbon) reduction.

Other Products & Services

*Customized Design fish tanks
* Consultation and Design Services
* Imported Fish Tanks x L Fiber-Glass Ponds
* Aquarium Equipments xL Accessories
* Fish Bowls xa Coffee Tables * Fish Tank Exchanging
* Fish Tank xa Pond Maintenance
* Hiring xa Repair Services
* Biological Advanced UV Filter Systems

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